The best guide to learning piano

Everything you need to begin your journey – in one simple e-book. The Complete Beginner's Guide breaks learning down into easy to understand steps, so you can follow your dream knowing that you're doing things right


Chapter 1How to Choose a Piano or KeyboardChapter 2Piano Learning MethodsChapter 3Proper Piano TechniqueChapter 4Starting to Play PianoChapter 5Reading Piano Sheet Music (the Basics)
Chapter 6Piano PracticeChapter 7Piano Goals and MotivationChapter 8Reading Piano Notes, Timing and DynamicsChapter 9Piano PedalsChapter 10Piano Learning Questions and Answers

Who is this guide for?

We wrote this guide for piano beginners. Ten chapters guide you all the way from zero knowledge to the point where you are sitting with your hands at the keyboard with all the understanding and resources you need. This guide cannot replace learning and practicing, but we can show you how to get the most out of your time. So even if you already have some playing experience, you can still find something valuable here.

What is covered?

It is structured to match the way you begin to play. We cover all the equipment you need, choosing a learning method and set you up to sit at the piano. We move through technique and playing your first melodies. Then we support your learning with chapters on reading music, structuring practice sessions, goal setting, staying motivated and using the pedals. Throughout the chapters, separate boxes give you further information or help you avoid common mistakes.

How should I read it?

This may feel like a lot, but you don't have to read it all at once, or in order. You can skip chapters that you are already comfortable with. You can leave parts that aren't relevant yet, and come back to look things up when they are. It’s designed to remain useful at any level.

In just a few chapters you'll be playing your first melodies, and soon enough you'll be able to take pride that you can play piano. We hope you're excited to learn as we are to guide you.

When can I start playing?

You can begin learning today with the flowkey app – even without prior knowledge. Learn to play your favorite songs, or dive into courses that cover sheet music, proper technique, and how to play notes with both hands. Click here to start learning.