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A new era of online piano lessons

Have you ever tried teaching yourself piano? Maybe you tried following long online video lessons but got frustrated at having to stop to pause and rewind as you learned a piece. Or maybe you bought books and sheet music but it took months of practice before you could play even the most basic songs.

What if there were a better way to learn to play piano? We think there is – and that’s why we created flowkey. It makes learning piano quicker, easier, and much more rewarding. You can follow piano lessons online that listen as you practice and let you know if you’re playing correctly. This way you'll learn to play your favorite songs faster than ever. From reading music to mastering chords and playing all the greatest hits – flowkey will help you become the pianist you always wanted to be.

Piano lessons with a difference 

When you learn piano with flowkey, you get interactive lessons that guide you step-by-step through the essentials of playing technique, music theory, and more. Below is a sneak peek of what you'll cover in each of our piano lessons online.

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8 step-by-step courses from beginner to advanced

  1. 1.Introduction to the piano

  2. 2.Playing with both hands

  3. 3.Intermediate piano playing

  4. 4.Mastering chords

  5. 5.Improvising with chords

  6. 6.Music reading training

  7. 7.Playing scales

  8. 8.Playing scales II

Hear from the players: what users say about our online piano lessons

"It has officially been 1 month since I've started my @flowkey_com journey and I'm so glad I decided to jump into it! I've really enjoyed this program and so far have learned to play a handful of different songs!"



"Phenomenal app

I’ve only been playing the piano a year. Before using this app it took me months to learn a new song. With this app you will learn songs in a third of the time! Or maybe even less!!! The price is incredibly reasonable given that private instruction can cost up to $60 an hour. I’ve discovered beautiful classical songs on here to play that I would have never encountered before. Whether you want to play an easy pop tune or master an advanced Chopin piece, Flowkey has something for everyone at every level. Flowkey is an essential for all piano students!"

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"Cannot recommend it enough, just brilliant

This app has no words. Amazing songs, support is amazing, easy to understand and also brilliant courses make this app shine. I have personally tried some other apps as well, but couldn't find one that met all of this. It is true that you do need Premium for the real fun, but even without premium, you could still try out a few songs. There are a few apps where you finish one course, and then you HAVE to get the premium plan, else the app's useless. This meets everything I wanted in learning piano. It helped me learn a whole song that nearly all my friends love. This app is all you need with practice."

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"Am a retired person who has long been fancying playing piano one day. But seniors could stand no more face to face lessons. Flowkey is by far the most flexible apps that one can work on his own. Particulary I find the arrangements for the songs are much pleasing to my ear, even the simplified songs for beginner level. The songs provided by other apps are very boring, probably they are targeting kids."

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Jeff Cen

"Absolutely amazing! It hasn't costed any money so far unlike my last app and hasn't had any ads so far.I have learned a lot so far and I just began definitely a five star review from me!"

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Karlee_ Vaughn

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