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Online piano lessons for every level

flowkey teaches piano with interactive courses and song tutorials created by professional musicians.

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Learn piano at your own pace

Say goodbye to frustrating video tutorials and taking months to learn to play the songs you love. Our app listens and provides instant feedback on every note you play, making learning new songs quick, rewarding, and affordable.

Go from beginner to pro with flowkey's courses

Piano lessons for beginners guide you through the essentials of learning the piano. You’ll learn proper technique, read sheet music, and practice how to play notes with the right and left hands.

You don’t need any prior piano knowledge to get started. As you move through the courses, we introduce more advanced concepts like chord progressions, finger crossovers, new time signatures, accompaniment patterns, and improvisation.

Practice music reading and playing technique 

flowkey's collection of drills and exercises covers fundamental techniques such as playing scales and arpeggios. Improve your sheet music reading skills with eight lessons dedicated to sight reading and become a fully rounded pianist.

People love flowkey

"Before using this app it took me months to learn a new song. With this app you will learn songs in a third of the time – or maybe even less. flowkey is essential for all piano students."

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"flowkey has everything I wanted for learning piano. It helped me learn a whole song that nearly all my friends love. This app is all you need."

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"I'm a retired person who long fancied playing piano one day. flowkey is by far the most flexible app. I find the arrangements particularly pleasing to my ear."

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"I've really enjoyed this program and so far have learned to play a handful of different songs."



"Great app for beginners. I’ve never played any sort of instrument before, so everything is a bit new and scary. But this app is making me excited to learn."

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Play your favorite songs

Learn to play piano with the songs you know and love. Discover beautiful arrangements for all abilities, created by professional pianists.