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The ideal co-assistant for your lessons

Learn how flowkey enhances your lessons and keeps your students motivated for independent practice.
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During classes, your students are excited and then comes the daily routine…

Maybe this sounds familiar to you: while you are teaching your students are happy and motivated. With your guidance, they can concentrate well and obviously have a lot of fun making music. After a week, you meet again. Surprise: your students seem to have completely forgotten to practice – not even one single minute. How can that happen?

The everyday lives of your students are full of distractions. Nowadays, there are so many things that attract our attention. With a few clicks we can watch exciting videos, connect with our friends or play addictive games. Even making music there are already several apps that are quick and easy. With them success comes faster than a tedious struggle through a music book. It seems as if the dull practicing of an instrument no longer fits into our society.

Your ideal co-trainer: A learning system that keeps your students motivated and gives you the time to teach the essentials

We strongly believe that learning music has a future. But we also believe that you have to break new ground and create new ways of learning and teaching. With flowkey we have developed a program that offers your students a playful and motivating learning experience at home. This way your students can easily teach themselves songs they like. During your lessons you can use your precious time to focus on the important details like technique, intonation and dynamics.

A ground-breaking learning method for your lessons:

  • Interactive learning method that promotes self-motivated practice
  • Large selection of easy songs, ranging from classical to pop
  • Learning by ear and by notes
  • Suitable for kids, teens and adults
  • Tested by more than one million pianists from all around the world

How flowkey helps your students and enhances your teachings

Flowkey is the first learning system that integrates advanced technologies into the daily practice of music. Moreover flowkey combines learning by ear and by notes, which helps students achieve success faster. A large and growing selection of the most popular songs, ranging from classical to pop, offers more varied lessons.

You can set new habits and encourage your students to become self-motivated through teaching themselves songs they like. Then, during your lessons you have the opportunity to address the individual strengths and weaknesses of your students in addition to working on the essential concepts, such as sound and dynamic.

1Flowkey is your assistant and strengthens your role as a teacher

Flowkey shows your students notes and played keys in a combined view. While your students practice at home, flowkey recognizes via the microphone the sounds via the microphone and compares them with the actual notes. This approach creates an interactive feedback and increases motivation. Moreover, flowkey helps students read music, thus removing many hurdles for beginners.

This approach helps your students at home when you cannot be there with them. During lessons, you are able to offer more individual time to your students. You can use this time to work on imperative performance techniques, such as intonation and dynamic, which is precisely what makes your classes so valuable and irreplaceable.

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2Large selection of songs that motivate your students

Perhaps you know it yourself: a beautiful song is often the best motivation to learn. In flowkey, you find an extensive selection of over 1.500 songs, divided into various levels of expertise. You can always find the next challenge to suit individual students. However, you can also encourage your students, in a completely new way, to independently learn a song before he arrives at the next lesson and discuss it there.

Choice of Songs
3Learning by ear AND by notes

Flowkey provides a combination of auditory and visual learning. Through this process, more brain regions are activated, which in turn leads to faster success. Each note or note sequence is presented in a professional recording, which your students can listen to on their own time, and they can replay what they hear when they are ready.

Lernen nach Noten und Gehör

What music teachers and music schools say about flowkey

Alberto Betancourt Piano teacher from Spain
"Flowkey is an excellent tool to introduce children to the world of piano playing. In combination with conventional teaching methods, flowkey is by far the best learning system at the present time – worldwide. Especially for beginners and returners (to the piano), I highly recommend flowkey.“
Ute Jarolin Piano teacher from Berlin
"My students were immensely enthusiastic - with flowkey they could almost immediately and without instructions play a song while at the same time, detecting possible errors themselves. They always had a lot of fun while learning. I would very much welcome if many of my students to learn the piano with flowkey because they can use it to practice entirely independently.“

Discover flowkey for your lessons free of charge

By integrating flowkey in your lessons, you gain many benefits:

  • More motivated students who are better prepared
  • More time to attend to the details
  • By embracing technology, you stand out from other teachers
  • Your dropout rate declines while you attract new students at the same time
  • The system is completely free for you to use, with special plans available for your students

Create your own free account, signing up takes only a minute. Within the program, you find further information about flowkey and how it works. If you are interested, feel free to contact us via chat or by phone.

We look forward to getting to know you!
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