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Do you have an audience interested in music? We can help you earn money by recommending the best solution to learn to play piano.

Why should I become a flowkey affiliate partner?

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More than just an affiliate program

We are interested in creating a long lasting partnship with all of our business partners. For example, if you are a pianist, a transcriber or a teacher we can add some of your songs to our song library. This way you can offer your fans a new way of learning piano with your arrangements.

Case study: Youtube pianist Katherine Cordova

Katherine Cordova Katherine Cordova Youtube Pianist from Winnipeg, Canada
  • Started working with flowkey in 2015
  • Over 30,000 YT subscribers
  • Around 10 of her arrangements are on flowkey
  • Youtube channel

Please tell us a bit about yourself: how did you learn piano and what kind of piano music do you play the most?

I don’t remember when I started actually, but maybe around 6 or 7 years old. I never took lessons, but my older brother taught me the keys on the piano. He would write the corresponding letters on the sheet music, so I would know which keys to play. At that time, the songs I played as a kid were limited to whatever sheet music we had in the house, ranging from Fur Elise, to My Heart Will Go On.

I pretty much lost interest and stopped playing for several years, until I listened to Coldplay’s music while in high school. I wanted to learn their songs so bad; I gave playing by ear a shot. It was really difficult at it at first, but it’s a skill that I tried to improve over the years through uploading my covers on YouTube. I gained the bulk of my audience by arranging Coldplay songs with every album release. Overtime, I found that playing by ear allowed me to express my creativity as a pianist. It’s a special feeling when you learn a song you love, make it your own, and see people from all over the world respond to it. I definitely wouldn’t be the same pianist I am today without YouTube. Now, I mostly play pop and electronic music, although I don’t shy away from a few soundtrack pieces either.

Why did you choose to collaborate with flowkey?

I have received countless, countless requests from viewers to provide sheet music for my arrangements. As I can’t read or write sheet music very well, I wasn’t able to do this on my own. Video tutorials are also quite time consuming to do properly. With flowkey, I am able to give back to my viewers with the very best of both features for the ultimate learning experience. I think that it’s an innovative, good-looking app, which incorporates techniques I use when learning new songs, making the learning process very natural. The people behind the company also seem really great!

How did your fans react when you announced the collaboration with flowkey?

I received many requests from viewers which songs they wanted on flowkey. Some signed up with the goal of learning a specific song, so I knew which arrangements to give priority to.

What did you do to promote flowkey?

As flowkey is an innovative app I knew I had to explain the basic features behind the app. I made a short promo clip for this purpose, and inserted it into the beginning of my piano cover. I chose to attach it to a newly released Coldplay song, as I know many of my subscribers are Coldplay fans. With each new upload, I inform my viewers in the beginning of each video description that my arrangements are available to learn on flowkey, with an attached link to the site. I make sure to word this carefully. For example, with new uploads, I know that my arrangement is not live on flowkey yet, and may not be for a while. I would make sure to include that the given song will be available soon, so as to not be deceiving towards viewers. When it is live, I edit the description to say that it is available to learn now. I also send updates on my Twitter account, complete with a screen shot of the song in app, whenever a new song is added to flowkey. On my YouTube channel, I also produced a new playlist that compiles the piano covers that are already live on the app for easy reference.

In the last 30 days how much money did you earn with Youtube. How much with flowkey?

Now, after six months I'm already earning several hundred euros with flowkey per month. I am also partnered with a YouTube affiliate, but have not been monetizing my videos recently through them.

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