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by Sarah Vonderberg

10 Super Easy Bite-Sized Melodies for Piano Beginners

You are just starting to grasp how the whole "playing the piano" thing works? You need some nice tiny melodies that sound great but are easy enough to learn for beginners?

We listed 10 super-easy, bite-sized-beginner piano melodies for you to tackle this weekend! Learning these could give you the musical confidence boost you needed!

1. Pyotr Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake Theme (right hand)

Who doesn’t know the famous and beautiful “Swan Lake Theme” by Tchaikovsky? We arranged the piece to be played with only your right hand while still sounding fabulous!

2. Justin Hurwitz – Late for the Date (right hand)

Were you crazy about the amazing piano melodies in La La Land? You thought you could never play like that? Check out this simple arrangement for “Late for the Date,” played with your right hand only:

3. Red River Valley (both hands)

A brief but beautiful and reflective tune to learn with both hands:

4. Auld Lang Syne (both hands)

As a very traditional and famous piece, “Auld Lang Syne” can’t be missing here. It is usually played to bid farewell to someone or as an ending to other occasions:

5. Henry Mancini – Moon River (both hands)

Get romantic with this heartbreaking tune, which is only a little longer than a minute and can be easily learned on a rainy weekend:

6. All The Pretty Little Horses (both hands)

Learn this alluring and well-known lullaby and play it for your family-members, neighbors, and pets to let them wander off into the dreamland:

7. Jason Mraz – I'm Yours (both hands)

Who doesn’t know this elegant melody from the Grammy Award nominated summer- superhit?

8. One Republic – Counting Stars (both hands)

If you’ve been “losing sleep” lately or “dreaming about the things that we could be” then perhaps you should try counting stars instead of dollars:

9. Sea Shanty – Drunken Sailor (both hands)

A traditional classic that shouldn’t be missing on any pirate-themed party. Learn this jolly, 30-second melody and play it as your roommate stumbles home at 4 in the morning:

10. Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons: Spring

As one of the most famous classical works in existence, “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi is something every pianist should have in his or her repertoire—even beginners! Just like the seasons in a year, let’s start with “Spring”: