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Header pic piano day
Piano Day 2021

Piano Day is a joyful celebration of all things piano, to both celebrate the music of the past and promote the development of the boundary-pushing piano music of the future.

Header pic game music piano
Video Game Music on Piano

Computer game music has the magical ability to send you back to being a kid again. Here, we go through the history of gaming from arcade classics to the current-day peak of technological mastery.

Header pic piano solos
Piano Solos

Alone at the piano. Whether playing for yourself or for an audience, it’s a wonderful place to be. All you need is the right music...

Header pic piano songs for weddings
Piano Songs for Weddings

There are plenty of beautiful love songs, but the best wedding love songs carry the pure messages of a love that will last. So no hidden messages of regret, or settling. This is the real thing.

Header pic classical piano pieces
Classical Piano Pieces

Here is a selection of 14 pieces from the Baroque era to the Romantic period. If you are returning to playing after learning as a child, many of these will be familiar to you.

Header pic new resolution article
How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution to learn piano

Every year we see plenty of people decide that learning piano is the perfect addition to life. It’s true. But starting anything new can be tricky, and sticking with it even more so...

Header pic Thanksgiving piano songs
5 piano songs that can’t be missing on your Thanksgiving playlist

If you want to get some autumnal feeling into your repertoire, here are five songs to help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Header pic Sad piano songs
Sad Piano Songs

Here is a selection of twelve sad songs and pieces from across genres to capture and soothe a melancholy mood.

Header pic Halloween Piano Songs
6 Spooky piano tunes to learn on Halloween

It's Halloween time again! So what’s better than taking these dark and cold nights to learn some new eerie songs on your piano?

Header pic Affiliate Guide
How to grow your YouTube Channel as a musician

In this guide we look at tried-and-tested methods and how you can use them to grow a YouTube musician channel.

Boogie-woogie pianist Arthur Migliazza on Yamaha grand piano
Why Boogie-Woogie Will Make You a Better Pianist

Learn about the origins of boogie-woogie, its tremendous influence on other styles, and how it can improve your piano playing.

Talent spelled out
Natural Talent is a Myth, You Can be Great at Piano

Learn why scientists and researchers agree that musical ability is not something you are born with, and how you can develop talent.

Practice tips hands on piano
7 Proven Piano Practice Tips You Need to Know

Get better faster and form positive habits. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of piano practice.

Christmas tree balls on piano
The Best Piano Songs to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Get everybody into the Christmas spirit with this list of true classics and modern hits to learn on piano in time for Christmas.

Photo of The Beatles
6 Piano Songs Guaranteed to get Everybody Singing Along

Get everybody singing with a bulletproof set list of classic songs. Guaranteed to impress, from easy and quick to challenging and showy.

Hands on a Yamaha grand piano practicing
6 Tricks to Stay Motivated Learning Piano

Learn the tricks that make it easy to stay motivated when teaching yourself piano.

Stamp saying 4 Tips
4 Tips to Master Any Song

These four tips help you to play any song even if you don't take piano lessons.

Easy piano song cover pictures
Easy piano songs you actually want to play

When you're just getting started playing the piano, it‘s hard to find easy songs that don‘t sound completely lame.

Top 5 in letters
Top 5 Mistakes When Learning to Play the Piano

You want to know how to play the piano the right way? Avoid these five common mistakes!

Woman learns how to play piano
Learning to Play the Piano as an Adult - Why It's Never Too Late

Find out why it's never too late to learn piano and why starting as an adult can even be an advantage.

beautiful piano
5 beautiful Piano Pieces to Make People Fall in Love with You

When you play piano you should have some romantic piano songs in your repertoire. We recommend these five beautiful and romantic piano pieces!

Happy man standing on a mountain
How Playing Piano Makes You More Successful in Life

When you learn piano you also train skills that actually help you to be more successful at university or at work.

young man plays piano without sheet music
How to Play Piano by Ear - A Quick Guide

Playing piano by ear isn't as hard as it seems and you can actually practice it.

girl practicing piano
How to motivate your child to practice piano

There are many ways to motivate your child to practice piano. Find out what you can do in this article.

Four Basic Piano Chords to Quickly Learn Songs

In this guide, you'll find out how to play the most popular songs with a simple, repetitive chord progression.

Why Playing the Piano is a Brain Booster

Playing the piano is a perfect exercise for your brain. It improves many of your skills even long-term.