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Learn piano with the songs you love

  • Learn songs in minutes, not weeks
  • Works with any piano or keyboard
  • For beginners, returners and advanced players
Fulfill your musical dream with flowkey and play your first song today.
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The best new way to learn piano

Learning with flowkey is easy and fun. Practice notes and chords interactively
and receive instant feedback – no cables needed.

Play your favorite songs

Discover fascinating piano arrangements tailored to your level.
Get started today and play your first song within minutes.
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Learn from renowned teachers and pianists

flowkey is based on proven teaching methods and supported by renowned pianists and teachers to guarantee you the best possible learning effect.
  • Vika Yermolyeva

    Award-winning pianist, 90+ Million Youtube Views "When I came across flowkey I really loved the idea of learning to play the piano with the songs you love. So I decided to work with them and now flowkey offers my fans the opportunity to learn my arrangements with an excellent learning method."
  • Andrew Furmanczyk

    Most popular Youtube Piano Teacher, 250.000+ Subscribers "I suggest flowkey because I think they’re offering something really helpful. flowkey offers real value by offering a way to learn pieces interactively. The solution I’ve been looking for learning pieces online finally exists."
  • Michèle Gurdal

    Famous classical pianist from Berlin "flowkey is able to motivate people to start playing piano. I reallly like that! It enables you to start playing right away and learn for yourself. As a complimentary tool for students flowkey offers a great support when learning and practicing piano."

Everything you need to learn piano – in one place

  • Discover songs
    Find songs of any genre and difficulty level
  • Wait mode
    Play songs with interactive live feedback
  • Video and Sheet Music
    Aural and visual learning, perfectly combined to learn piano
  • Slow Motion
    Slow and higher-speed practice for every song
  • Loop Function
    Replay a specific section to improve focus when you practice
  • Select a Hand
    Learn and practice right and left hands separately, just like with a teacher

People from all over the world learn how to play piano with flowkey

Portrait of Sabine C.
As a beginner I was able to progress very quickly. It was so easy to get started and learn new songs. I can’t wait for the mobile version!
Sabine C., Research associate at a German university
Portrait of Ron N.
I wanted to play 8 out of every 10 songs flowkey had available. For someone as early on in piano as me seeing the highlighted black keys was a huge help and watching the hand positions from that camera angle was perfect.
Ron N., 64, from Alaska, USA
Portrait of Thibaut G.
I’m a French medicine student, and I had to stop piano lessons last year because of my studies. Last month I discovered flowkey through a video on YouTube, and it got me practicing again. You’ve done a great job. As we say in France: Bravo, et ne lâchez rien.
Thibaut G., Student, from France
Portrait of Felix N.
It’s really fun because you’re teaching yourself. The flow mode is really cool, it pauses if you play the wrong note, so you have to take another look at the sheet music and try to learn the piece by heart.
Felix M.,14, school student from Berlin, Germany