11 Spooky Piano Tunes to Learn on Halloween

These chilling piano pieces are perfect for adding more fright to your Halloween night. Keep scrolling to discover them all – if you dare!

by Rhian Avery

The days are getting shorter, the air is turning colder, the fog is creeping in... It’s that time of year again: The mysterious, magical time of Halloween! Now that the season for all things spooky is upon us, why not make the most of these dark and dreary nights by learning some thrilling new songs on your piano?

If you’re ready to scare up an eerie atmosphere, we’ve got some killer Halloween music that should do just the trick. A word of warning before you begin: Playing these creepy piano pieces might just keep you up all night...

1. 🔪 Halloween Theme – John Carpenter

Horror movie fans will instantly recognize this theme from the original 1978 slasher film Halloween. Its insistent notes are scarily effective at creating a sense of dread. Play this ominous piece, and your guests will be looking over their shoulders to make sure Michael Myers isn’t lurking in the shadows with his butcher’s knife.

2. 👑 In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

Imagine you’re in a dark underground world. You can hear the sounds of monstrous trolls and goblins creeping towards you. They’re growing closer and closer, getting louder and more frantic with every step. This is the atmosphere that Edvard Grieg masterfully invokes in this classic piece. Include it on your Halloween playlist, and you’ll have a fail-safe way to add suspense and fright to any night.

3. 🐲 Hallowe'en Dance – Hans Engelmann

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about murders and monsters. If you’re looking to liven things up a little, look no further than this ragtime tune from German composer Hans Engelmann. Its peppy rhythm is sure to get everyone shaking their bones.

4. 👻 Toccata D Minor – Johann S. Bach

Its name might not sound especially sinister, but as soon as you hear the distinctive first trill of Bach’s Toccata in D minor, you can’t help but feel a thrill. With its moody minor key and discordant tone, this piano piece is perfect for setting a haunting scene on Halloween

5. 🕷 Speckled Spider Rag – Harry French

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some creepy crawlies. This spirited ragtime number almost sounds like a spider skittering across the ground. It’s great for doing a groovy little jig, whether you’ve got two legs or eight!

6. ️ Funeral March Op.35 – Frédéric Chopin

Piano music doesn’t get more macabre than this iconic Funeral March. It was famously performed at the graveside during Chopin’s own burial. Play this mournful piano piece on Halloween night (if you dare) and see what creatures you might be able to summon from the dead.

7. 💀 Will O the Wisp – Will Morrison

Piano music doesn’t get more macabre than this iconic Funeral March. It was famously performed at the graveside during Chopin’s own burial. Play this mournful piano piece on Halloween night (if you dare) and see what creatures you might be able to summon from the dead.

8. 🕯 Symphony No.5 in Cm, Op.67 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Ta-ta-ta-TAAA! You know that trouble is brewing from the moment you hear the first four notes of Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony. This piano classic is ominous, shadowy, and dramatic: Positively perfect for stirring up some shenanigans on Halloween.

9. 🧛 The Vampire Waltz – Al B. Coney

This eerie and elegant waltz by Al B. Coney will make your home feel like a haunted castle where vampires rise to dance the night away. But make sure your guests don’t get too carried away by the music – all vampires need to be safely inside their coffins before the sun starts to rise.

10. 🎃 Halloween (The Jack O'Lantern Rag) – Abe Olman

The jack-o’-lantern has a long history with Halloween. People first started carving gruesome faces into turnips, then pumpkins, to scare off wandering spirits on All Hallows’ Eve. Today, jack-o’lanterns are just fun decorations. If you’re hosting a pumpkin carving party, this jaunty ragtime tune would make a great addition to your playlist.

11. 🌚 Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) – Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was a master of composing dark and dreamlike tunes, which is why we couldn’t help but include him twice on our Halloween list. With its slowly spiraling chords accompanied by deep sinking bass, the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata never fails to evoke feelings of sadness and longing. It’s the ideal musical accompaniment for a cold and gloomy night.

These spine-tingling piano songs aren’t just made for performing on Halloween. We encourage you to play them throughout October and beyond: They’re perfect for turning an ordinary day or night into something much more supernatural.

Pro tip:

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