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Reach all your goals with the piano with flowkey Premium
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flowkey Premium overview

  • Unlock hundreds of songs to provide long-term progress
  • Increase your learning success thanks to the interactive learning method
  • Receive new songs to learn and play every month
  • Access comprehensive, competent Premium Support whenever you have a question
  • Enjoy the system as a beginner, returning player or advanced player
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Learn the songs that you've always wanted to play

With flowkey Premium, you get the full range of piano music for interactive learning and play-along. You get access to over 200 songs in genres that include classical, pop, film and many others. You can freely choose from a total of four difficulty levels. This ensures that you can always find your next dream song.

Song categories

Learn the proper technique and the ideal sound

Every song that you unlock with flowkey Premium includes a professional video in HD-quality, including the notes. Our videos are exclusively recorded by piano teachers and professional pianists. Thus, you learn the correct technique and hear exactly how each note should sound.

Each of the premium Songs contains

  • A professional recording of a pianist
  • Video in HD-quality
  • Notes synchronized to the video
  • Highlighting of played keys
Frank K. Frank K.,22 Re-entry player from Detroit:
"Flowkey has the best features out of every piano tutorial software and video tutorials demos that I've seen.“
Julia F. Julia F.,24 Beginner from New York:
"With flowkey I can play songs I never thought I could play!!“

More learning success thanks to interactive note detection

With flowkey Premium, you learn more easily and quickly than with any other learning method. Thanks to our interactive feedback technology, our videos are able to adjust to your pace, offering you an optimal learning process. You can concentrate on playing while flowkey does the rest. No more rewinding videos, no more deciphering notes, no more turning pages -- flowkey handles everything for you.

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One, two, three .... Play!

The interactive sound recognition works through your microphone and requires no cables or additional equipment -- just the instrument you already own. Just log in, choose a song and get started right away. If you have an e-piano or keyboard, you can also learn with headphones using a MIDI connection.

Jonathan S. Jonathan S.,27 Recreational player from London:
"Flowkey works for me! I love that you can slow things down, isolate hands, and best of all you can learn pieces by ear as well as by reading!!“
The Theorist The Theorist,26 Youtube pianist:
"I wish this existed when I was learning piano!“

The flowkey learning method

  • Songs that inspire you and match your level
  • More success thanks to interactive live feedback
  • Adjusts to your pace
  • Developed in cooperation with leading music educators

Comprehensive, competent Premium Support whenever you have a question

As a flowkey Premium user, you have our team of trained pianists on your side anytime, anywhere. When learning the piano, you'll inevitably run into questions that you would like to discuss with a more experienced player. Flowkey includes a chat feature built right into the program that allows you to send text, pictures or even videos. Within hours, you’ll get a competent answer to your question from our team.

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Start your flowkey Premium service now and fulfill your own personal dream

With flowkey Premium, you choose the world's most advanced, most efficient and most motivating program for piano learning. Discover the wide variety of piano music, and interactively learn the songs you've always wanted to play. Sign up for flowkey Premium now, and fulfill your personal dream of mastering the piano.

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