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4 Reasons to Learn Piano on an Android or iPhone App

Decisions are difficult. Once you know you want to learn piano, you need to decide on a method. The good news is that this decision is not so tough now that app technology has advanced far enough to make it a compelling option. A rapidly increasing number of people are choosing them over traditional lessons or online video tutorials, taking advantage of the speed, flexibility, convenience, adaptive feedback and resources that app-learning offers.

The idea that apps foster effective learning is nothing new. The use of tablets specifically is strongly backed by research, and academics are in unanimous agreement that the type of self-regulated learning offered by an app is the most effective form of learning.

Sure, apps are great in general, and more than a million people have chosen to learn piano through flowkey so far, but why should you join them? Here are four reasons to help you decide:

Get started fast

All you need is a piano or keyboard and a phone or tablet. It takes less than five minutes to download and set up flowkey, and within ten minutes you’ve played your first song. That’s less than fifteen minutes from reading this sentence. Or this one. Tick tock...

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Learn faster with adaptive feedback and tracking

Adaptive feedback speeds up learning, along with a wealth of other benefits. Without feedback, it’s difficult to know when you have made a mistake or performed well, and even harder to track your progress over time. The result is often a lack of motivation, which understandably leads to many students giving up.

With flowkey’s interactive note detection, the app listens and reacts to your playing. “Flow Mode” slows down and waits for you to hit the right keys. If you make a mistake, you can loop sections to practice, or you can keep going if you’re on a roll. Track your progress with the interactive course system, so you can see improvement without needing to concentrate on anything but playing. You don’t get any of that from a YouTube video.

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More convenient than a piano teacher

I’m sorry Ms Becker, I got a lot out of our lessons, I really did. But it was a hassle travelling across town to your apartment for the same time every week. There was no flexibility, so if I wanted to move the lesson, or I was running late, we had to cancel. Or if I was really getting into the lesson and I wanted to stay for longer than an hour, I still had to leave so the next student could have her lesson.

App learning comes at your convenience. Reading music, chords, playing techniques, music theory, improvisation and all the techniques you need, whenever you like. All without having to leave your house, or even change out of your pyjamas.

Learn with the songs you love

If you have ever asked a piano teacher “Can you teach me 'Kiss from a Rose'?” or “Do you know the 'Game of Thrones' theme?” then you may be familiar with a response like “I don’t know that one” or “I’m more familiar with Tchaikovsky”. This is fine, "Waltz of the Flowers" is a masterpiece, but if the music you love is something other than Tchaikovsky, it might be a problem.

With flowkey, you can choose from more than 1,000 options, "Waltz of the Flowers" included. Classical pieces, songs from practically every genre, film or TV themes, even Christmas songs. You are guaranteed to find something you love, without ever having to admit that your favourite part of practicing is playing songs from "Frozen". That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Just let it go...